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salim bakari salim

Rescue Diver & Captain

  • Age 47
  •  4 kids married
  • Kinondo
Salim Bakari Salim

Bakari started his first dive at the age of 20 in Watamu. His father was a captain and diver, so Bakari was exposed to the ocean and boating from a young age. At 13, he started learning how to drive boats. In 1992, he worked at Turtle Bay Beach for seven years as a captain and dive guide. In 2002, he moved to Mombasa and worked as a captain at Barracuda Hotel. Unfortunately, he was involved in an accident that almost cost him his left leg, but his love for the ocean did not diminish. He continued to work as a captain full-time. In 2007, he moved to Diani and became a captain at Diving the Crab. In 2021, he was hired by Scuba Duka to be their captain.

What Bakari enjoys at Scuba Duka is that he feels at home and considers Ali as a godfather figure who is always ready to help. He also appreciates that Ali trusts him with responsibilities for all of the boats, something he did not experience in previous companies.

“Driving boats is in my DNA and is a source of joy and accomplishment and being able to carry on my dad’s legacy is amazing.”

“Being born in Diani and being able to work closer to home is also a big benefit for me”

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