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Scuba diving has always been our first love therefore, teaching and giving guided tours just come naturally. Being the smallest dive center in the East African region, it enables us to give a personal touch, creating smaller groups, enhancing safety, and sharing better experiences.

There’s no Adventure without a thrill….someone once said. Our team offers you the authentic feel of being underwater, creating the adventurous excitement every dive must experience.

We have highly trained, friendly staff, easygoing, and fun to add on to your unforgettable time with us. Based on Diani Beach, on the southern tip of Galu, the Indian Ocean dive sites are Rich with flourishing marine life, beautiful coral reefs, and timeless beaches. It’s no surprise as the locals refer to Diani as the place where GOD spends his holiday.


Specialty Instructor

Rescue Diver / Dive Guide

Dive Master / Dive Guide

Dive Master / Dive Guide

Dive Rescue / Captain

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