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kassim matano kapero

Dive Master & Dive Guide

  • Age 38
  •  15 years’ of experience
  • Kwale, Kinondo

Kassim’s first dive was in 2007, when his brother, who was also a diver, encouraged him to take an open water course. From that moment, Kassim knew that diving was his calling and he decided to work in the industry until 2018, when he completed his training to become a dive guide. In 2019, he was recruited by Ali and is now a fully certified Dive Master.

What he enjoys at Scuba Duka is that Ali is fair and open, and he makes his employees feel free. He allows them to work without harassment, which aligns with the business’s motto and the relaxed style of our work

Kassim’s favorite fish is the octopus because they can change color and are hard to spot, and when they are seen, it feels like they are looking back at you with an alien-like perspective. He also enjoys seeing whales because the encounters are usually brief and exciting. Kassim finds peace in the sounds of bubbles and the feeling of control while diving.


“It’s a dream come true to be able to combine my job and hobby in this way”

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