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micheal yaa jafwa

Rescue Diver & Dive Guide

  • Age 44
  •  21 years’ of experience
  • Kwale, Kinondo

Micheal’s journey started 21 years ago in a county called Kilifi as a boat steward where he quickly climbed through the ranks not only as a newcomer on deck, but also in his role in learning to be an experienced diver to support the massive growth in new divers across Kenya.

Being amongst the older generation of divers in Kenya his knowledge spreads across all spectrums & sectors. It is safe to say.

” No need to fear when Jafwa is here”

Overall Micheal is an all arounder at Scuba Duka however if you are an experienced diver, he is our number 1 to take you to the depths and limits that Diani has to offer.

“The body is 70% water and 30% flesh, Mine is 70% water & 30% Passion”

His favorite sighting is the Depth Gauge & the PSI left on your journey through the unknown. Regardless of that deep-sea surprises.

“After all the years of being in the industry and experiencing the growth as well as the challenges in diving and tourism, working at Scuba Duka has been the most peaceful & rewarding part of my journey thus far.

“I am Legend”

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