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Rescue Diver & Dive Guide

  • Age: 23
  •  1 & a half years’ of experience
  • Kwale, Kinondo

Salim began his adventure when he was 11 years old. His father was a well-known dive master across the coastline of Diani and one of the first local scuba divers to explorers of his generation on the south coast.

However, Salim started his professional career as a diver quite late. Today he is our youngest protégé at Scuba Duka. Completing all courses from open water to dive master in less than a year.

“Exploring the magic of the underwater world while becoming a certified master in such a short time is the living proof that when you believe and have an amazing team like ours, “failure is not an option”

His all-time best favorite ocean giants are Manatrays,


“A reminder that wings spread below and above any altitude, they say the sky is the limit but have you ever seen a single Manatray block out the sun?”

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